Vietnam Era Veterans Commemoration Ceremony at VA Clinic Santa RosaVietnam Era Veterans Commemoration Ceremony in Santa Rosa

Nine million Americans served during the Vietnam War and over 7 million are still living today. This special commemoration honors all Veterans who served in Vietnam, in-theater, or who were stationed elsewhere during those 20 years (November 1, 1955 – May 15, 1975).  Also, it includes Veterans who were held as prisoners of war, or listed as missing and unaccounted for, and those who have fallen. All answered the call of duty.  The Annual Vietnam Era Veterans Commemoration Ceremony is a special event for honoring these veterans.

Please come amd join members of the American Legion Petaluma Post 28, who will be attending the Celebration for Vietnam Era Veterans Annual Commemoration Ceremony at the Veterans Clinic in Santa Rosa, CA.  Let’s show our support and honor our fellow veteran,

All Veterans are invited to attend this event.  Vietnam Era Veterans will be honored with a special pin.

When: Thursday, March 29th 8:00 am

Vietnam Era Veterans Commemoration Ceremony at Santa Rosa Vet Clinic

Where:  Santa Rosa VA Clinic 3841 Brickway Blvd. Santa Rosa, CA 95403

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