Petaluma Veterans Service Organization

American Legion Petaluma Family is a group of Veterans and Family of Veterans Serving veterans, military, youth, families, Petaluma community, State of California, and America.

American Legion Petaluma Veterans Service Organization Family Mission

The American Legion Family is the nation’s largest wartime veterans service organization in the United States, which the American Legion Petaluma Family is an active member. We are devoted to mutual helpfulness and committed to the fellowing:

  • Caring for veterans and their families
  • Improving the quality of life for our nation’s children
  •  Teaching the fundamentals of good citizenship
  • Promoting strong national security


American Legion Petaluma Programs

  • Biggest Veterans Day Parade North of San Francisco in Petaluma
  • Local students to participate in Boys and Girl State for Petaluma
  • Safe School Ambassadors® Program – anti-bullying programs
  • Safe Prom nights and Halloween events
  • Make regular donations to USO, Fisher House and other Veteran Support Organizations
  • Peovide a Veteran Service Officer to help new and older veterans with benefits available – Call Petaluma post 28 – (707) 347-9085:
    • Family support
    • Employment
    • Health Care
  • Work with other local veteran Service Organizations within Sonoma and Marin County
  • And More

American Legion Petaluma Meeting

  • AL Riders: 2nd Tuesday of each Month at 6 P.M. Room “A”
  • Sons (S.A.L.): 2nd Tuesday of each Month at 7 P.M. Room “B”
  • Post: 2nd Wednesday of Each Month at 7 P.M.
  • Location: Petaluma Veterans Hall, 1094 Petaluma Blvd S, Petaluma, CA

Why Join the Legion?

We’re brothers and sisters in arms. YouWecan make a difference. Plus – you get to connect & network with other veterans

Your membership provides vital support to veterans services, lobbying efforts, and outreach programs in your local community.

You get exclusive member discounts, have access to scholarships and programs, and receive 12 issues of the impactful American Legion Magazine.

Our Moto is Vterans Still Serving their fellow veterans, military personnel, children, youth, families, Petaluma, California, and America.

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The Four Pillars

Pillar 1: Taking Care of Veterans.  American Legion Petaluma Service Officers answer questions and provide help in securing your veterans’ benefits. You are never alone.  Call our post and get connected to our Service Officer – call:(707) 347-9085

Pillar 2: Strong National Security. A military that is properly funded, staffed and equipped to defend our nation against a growing number of global threats, including cyber attack

Pillar 3: Americanism.  The Legion has been a stalwart champion of patriotic values, morals, culture and citizenship.The Legion’s pillar of Americanism embodies law-abiding citizenship, and respectful observance of patriotic holidays and remembrances

Pillar 4: Children & Youth. The American Legion strongly supports traditional family values, assistance for at-risk children, and activities that promote their healthy and wholesome development

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