Vietnam Era Veterans Commemoration Ceremony Event at VA Clinic Santa RosaVietnam Era Veterans Commemoration Ceremony Event

I got up earlier to drive to Santa Rosa from Petaluma to represent myself and the American Legion Petaluma Post 28.  When I arrived I was both excited and anxious.  I really had put my service behind me when I was discharged from the Navy in 1974.  There was not a lot of respect for the military or veterans at that time.  I just wanted to put it all behind me and get on with college.  This explained all the feelings I was having about the Vietnam Era Veterans Commemoration Ceremony Event in Santa Rosa.

Vietnam Era Veterans Commemoration Ceremony Event at Santa Rosa Vet Clinic

There was coffee, donuts, free quilts for the veterans, and other things for the veterans.  Once the show got on the road, I calmed down and was proud to be a Vietnam Era Veteran.   Finally to be recognized for my military service, and I am sure it is the same for all the other vietrans that we there.  We even got a recognition pin for serving during that era.  That pin has wne onto my American Legion Service Cap.  Tehydid run out of pins, which I feel sorry for the veterans who didn’t get one.

The Take-way from the Vietnam Era Veterans Commemoration Ceremony Event

  • A completion of my military service.  I didn’t even recognize I buried that part of my life for so long and deep
  • Joining the American Legion was one of the best decisions in my latter life. It helpme come to terms with my military service, because we could now be open about it
  • Retiring and volunteering for the American Legion Adjutant position was the best decision I have made.  I feel a new passion and new direction for my life
  • Recognizing the issues of veterans today and having the desire to make a difference
  • Belonging to an organizaqtion that positively impacts children and families has been a passion s of my life

I want to honor and give thanks to all Vietnam Era Veterans – Welcome Home and a Big Thank you for your service.

Don’t foget about our Veterans and Military personnel that are serving now.

American Legion Petaluma Post 28 Bob Hockenberger

American Legion Petaluma Member – Bob Hockenberger

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