Calling all Veterans and Sonoma County Veterans Organizations

The Sonoma County Veterans Advisory Committee is holding their quarterly meeting on Tuesday the 7th of May.

On the agenda for this meeting is reservations, and use of the Veterans Memorial Buildings that is controlled by the County of Sonoma. The Petaluma Veterans Service Organizations have identified at least three main problems at this time:

  1. Our American Legion Post and Riders have run into problems with delays in booking events at the building and saying we never had a date booked, even though we booked the event in advance – up to 3 years. 
  2. Our ability to access our office and the building has been limited by the County because they changed the locks to the outer doors and did not provide us with keys.  We have to wait till a county staff arrives and open the building.  They have been late many times due to poor communication within the County. We need our keys back so that we can use the building as it was originally intended. 
  3. Poor maintenance of the building.  At one point it took them 3 months to fix a heat problem in our meeting room.  There are leaks in the roof and rodent problems within the building just to name a few.

Petaluma Veterans Memorial Building

It is time to reclaim our building and our power back. We do have power in numbers and that power will give us more sway over our buildings. Our American Legion Family is growing and doing good works for Veterans, the military, and our community.

Join our Petaluma Veteran Service Organizations in making our Veterans presence and voice known to the County of Sonoma.  If you can come – wear your American Legion or other VSO Service Cap to the meeting.

Date and Time: May 7th 2:00 P.M.

Location: Guerneville Memorial Building, 16320 Church Street Guerneville Ca. 95446.

This meeting is open to the public

Lets See the Service Hats of the Redwood Empire Military Women, Ameican Legion, VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars), DAV (Disabled American Veterans), VVA (Vietnam Veterans of America), Purple Hearts, AMVETS (American Veterans), or other Veterans Service Organizations and make a statement that we Stating Up for Veterans and Each Other in Sonoma County.

Our Veterans Buildings matter in our ability to help Veterans and our community


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