American Legion Membership Dues

The Post Adjutant is responsible for many tasks related to memership and membership dues.Taking the job of  Post Adjutant as of July 1, made me very aware of the lack of information and understanding I had around these topics. I found myself asking many questions about membership and dues.  I decided that it may be a topic of interest to the general membership.

The American Legion operates its financial year from July 1 to June 30. The membership year does not match the financial year – It runs from January 1 to December 30. The kickoff of collecting dues and issuing membership cards start July 1.

Each year, the American Legion National Headquarters mails to almost all Legionnaires one or more notices that their annual dues for the coming year are payable. This is made possible by printing on every renewal notice the amount of each post’s dues and the address to which dues are to be mailed, which is the local post.

During each membership year, American Legion National Headquarters sends renewal notices in July, October, January, March and May. The accompanying list is the 2019 membership year renewal schedule for transmitting dues to arrive at National Headquarters by the established dates. Using the renewal schedule, National Headquarters extracts unpaid member records, then prints and mails the renewal notices.

American Legion Membership Renewal for 2019

American Legion Dues and how they are Allocated

Each member in a post pays a specific amount set by the Post through the Executive Post Committee and its membership.  Petaluma Post 28  dues are set to $45.00.  A significant portion of dues each member pays, is an annual per capita tax of $33.50 that goes to the national and department organization.  This is how the dues are allocated in  our Post:

  • $18.50 goes to The American Legion National Headquarter
  • $15.00 goes to Department of California
  • $11.50 goes to the Post to its general fund

Members can pay their dues in the following way:

  1. Send a check to the Petaluma Post 28 for $45.00 which covers dues for the American Legion National, California Department, and Post 28 for the 2018 -2019 year.  I will personal take care of all the administrative work and send you your 2018-2019 membership card. Please put your membership number on the check if you know it.  Mail it to American Legion Petaluma, PO Box 618, Petaluma, CA 94953
  2. Go online to the American Legion national web site.  You will pay $45.00, which covers dues for the American Legion National, California Department, and Post 28 for the 2018 -2019 year. You can use this method without having to create a user account. Go to this link: American Legion Pay Online

3.    Go online to the American Legion national web site and create an account in myLegion.  Go to this link: myLegion Once the account is created, you can pay your dues through your myLegion account. I will send you your membership card and you can download it online.

4.    If you received your American Legion membership dues letter.  You can use it to pay your dues. You will mail it to our post and I will take care of renewing your membership and send you a membership card.

If you need help please feel free to ask me for help.  I will be glad to help you and get an answer for you.  I have a form below you can use for help or questions.

Ask the Post Adjunant

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